Enjoy some of Alberta’s spectacular landscapes captured at night, northern lights and the Milky Way are two of my favorite things to shoot!

I’ve dodged hail and been stuck in the mud more than a few times, going the extra kilometer to bring you some of Alberta’s most impressive storms, enjoy!

In this gallery, you’ll see a wide range of my work with people. family, kids, couples, boudoir and Creative shoots from the past.

For something completely different, I present the Industrial section! Mostly drilling related photography for various industries.

Some clowning around in my favorite community of Legacy, the odd nice photo also!

Just want to see silly random costume photography? Rexi has almost touched every section of my photography, so here’s a little more!

Photos Taken

According to my shutter counts, Lots of time lapses! I’ve also taken a few more on my phone of my dog!

Tripods Broken

This was a very unfortunate evening, still got a few good pictures before it happened though.. random!


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