Over the last 40 years, BEL Contracting has successfully completed a wide range of underground utility and road construction projects for a variety of public and private sector clients.  We bid on projects as a prime contractor, subcontractor or strategic partner depending on the geographic region and available resources.  BEL Contracting also bids on projects outside of its corporate focus area, seeking projects that are perceived to be advantageous because of relationships, reputation or the intent to enter new business areas.

Our dyamic and innovative team of project managers and tradespeople are professionally trained and certified.  BEL Contracting’s technical skills are augmented by a disciplined approach to project management that ensures all services are delivered safely, efficiently and within budget.


Runway End Safety Area (RESA) Phase 1 & 2

Project Category: Transportation
Location: Vancouver International Airport
Customer: Vancouver Airport Authority

BEL was contracted for the first of two phases of the construction of a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) on the 26R side of the North Runway at YVR, a new M11 Taxiway and the widening of an existing taxiway to accommodate larger aircraft. BEL’s scope under the first phase was to:

  • Relocate all infield utilities around the end of the new taxiway and RESA. 450mm diameter sanitary and electrical duct banks were routed 1,400 meters around the RESA. Concrete storm with custom aircraft rated manholes were installed throughout the new M11 Taxiway, RESA, and the widened M7 Taxiway.
  • Relocate all existing utilities around the end of the new RESA,
  • Excavate and preload the footprint of the new RESA, and new M11 taxiway,
  • Widen the M7 Taxiway,
  • Displace the runway landing Threshold 220m west, including all runway markings and lighting, to provide clearance for the preload.
  • Construct a new airport Service Road.

BEL completed the project on December 18th, 2018

Reconciliation Pole Raising

Project Category: Special Projects
Location: University of British Columbia

BEL Contracting and Pro-Tech Industrial Movers helped raise a Reconciliation Pole at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as part of a traditional Haida ceremony held on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  The totem pole, carved from an 800 year old red cedar from Haida Gwaii, was commissioned by the Audain Foundation and UBC to represent the legacy of residential schools and the reconciliation of indigenous and non-indigenous people across Canada.  Haida artist James Hart designed and carved the totem pole, which includes 6,000 copper nails pounded flat into the surface by residential school survivors, volunteers and school children to represent indigenous children who died at residential schools across the country between 1890 and 1996.

Prior to the ceremony, Pro-Tech Industrial Movers engineered a procedure that allowed the totem pole to be raised by the traditional method of pulling on ropes.   BEL Contracting prepared the site at UBC by excavating a hole for the base of the totem pole and placing piles of gravel and rocks to be used as part of the ceremony and backfill.  During the ceremony, the 32,000 lbs of pull force required to raise the totem pole was provided by hundreds of people pulling on over 3,500 feet of rope.  The pole was raised to its vertical position in approximately 10 minutes, at which time the ropes were locked in place and backfilling was completed.

BEL Contracting & Pro-Tech Industrial Movers were honoured to take part in this important ceremony.

Container Terminal Expansion

Project Category: Industrial Heavy Civil
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Customer: Maher Terminals Holding Corp.

BEL Contracting, along with its joint venture partner, Fraser River Pile & Dredge (GP) Inc. (FRPD), have been selected for the second phase of Fairview Container Terminal’s expansion project.  This project, to be completed by the middle of 2017, will increase the terminal’s capacity by 60 percent; from 850,000 containers per year to 1.3 million.  BEL Contracting and FRPD will complete all construction works associated with the northern development including a new berth and mooring dolphins, upgrades to existing mooring dolphins and storage yards for empty and in-transit containers.